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Discover Jasat

Our great inventions cyclus

This is how we come to our prdoucts/services

Market research

Market research

We analyse the market, do a desk and field research.

Product and software development

Product and software development

We start developing the product and/or the software based on the findings from the market research.

Security and Launching

Security and Launching

The final product goes through test rounds, gets the highest security and is ready for launch.

Perfect solutions for Big businesses

Big businesses are our core of business. We look together for solutions, efficiency and further growth.

Perfect solutions
for small businesses

Jasat is also here for small businesses. We try to think together for solutions and opportunities to grow together.

Our strategy

Our strategy at Jasat is to strengthen our position as a leading company in the development, design, production and maintenance of equipment and client support for IPTV, OTT and VoD services.

We will continue to sustain our Upstream businesses while growing our customer-facing businesses. Safety, ethical behaviours, compliance and social responsibility are fundamental to how we do business.

We make sure that all the products and services that we develop are in the aim of creating a satisfied customer
Anwar Ebdul - Account Manager


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