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Why The BLOM-X O1NE?
Why The BLOM-X O1NE?

Why The BLOM-X O1NE?

The BLOM-X O1NE is a powerful product for solution as IPTV/OTT projects. Created in the Netherlands with love to fully enjoy Full HD image quality at any location where an internet connection is possible. Thanks to the chipset and the processor, BLOM-X O1NE is an outstanding ste-top box.


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Some of the best features


Superior Design, Sleek and simple menu

BLOM-X O1NE is made with High Quality fine material. The menu is created with attention to details in order to make it as simple as convenient as possible.

Easy Customize

The BLOM-X O1NE is easy to customize to your own needs.

Simple Setup

The box has been created to be the most sser friendly set-top box.

Works with Rivum Smart Portal

Blom-X works with the special panel Rivium Smart Portal, where content owners have the fully control.

Connected with Rivum

BLOM-X O1NE is compatibale with the RIVUM IP Smart Panel

Rivum Smart IP Panel

The first online management panel that offers management, access and control for your IPTV set-top boxes, Android boxes, Mobile applications & Smart TV Apps.

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Let your customer watch your channels everywhere and anywhere! Rivum APP

With the use of the Rivum Smart Portal, you can offer your customers to watch yourchannels through their box everywhere and anywhere.

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